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USBridge Signature and NAD D3045 white noise


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I've been dealing with this issue for some time, but I thought I would run it by the group. I have a USBridge Signature (Nirvana powered) running latest version of DietPi with Roon Bridge enabled. USB output to NAD D3045. When the USBridge is powered on, there is white noise coming from the NAD D3045 and the display on the D3045 reads DSD. When I start playing any track from Roon the white noise goes away and the music plays without issue, the D3045 starts displaying the correct content. The white noise does not come back if Roon is paused or inputs are switch on the D3045. The white noise only happens on the initial boot-up of the USBridge. I have tried numerous USB cables, same issue. I'm curious as to why the D3045 displays DSD on the initial USBridge boot-up. May need to run this by NAD.  

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