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Has anyone connected to a QNAP HAs via Thunderbolt? I'm interested in doing this, but I have reservations because it looks like this is just another network connection using IP over Thunderbolt rather than connecting to an external hard drive. 


Anyone done this or know more specifics?

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TVS-882T: Thunderbolt networking is broken on Windows 10 Pro 1903



Thunderbolt 3 Ethernet not working after windows 1809



Thunderbolt Networking is Broken in Later Versions of Windows 10



I wouldn't even bother with any of that, maybe you could consider stuff like RDMA (SMB Direct) over Infiniband but you're gonna need Mellanox hardware on both ends





It's definitely running SMB/CIFS over Thunderbolt 3 so that's gotta be TCP/IP then





Of course your motherboard must have built-in Thunderbolt 3 to boot, or at the very least it's coming with the necessary header





In the end it's still limited to PCIe x4 so that might / might not be ideal IMHO, depending on what kinda performance we're expecting in the first place.

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