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Recommended Ethernet treatment for digital server...

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I have an innuos SE which I've had since new (about two and a half years) and I was just wondering what forum members would recommend as the minimum requirement for Ethernet use and treatment for streaming.


I've predominantly used it as a server playing music directly from the SSD up until now.


My current set up is literally a plain common or garden mains powered Technicolour TG589 V2 Ethernet switch plugged into a mains powered TP Link Powerline then in a separate room I have another mains powered TP Link Powerline and then an Ethernet cable that goes from that straight into my Innuos Zenith SE. 


So about as wrong and as basic as you could get I suppose.


Any and all recommendations, suggestions and help are welcome.

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I went from this:


Router > Powerline > Netgear Switch > Bartok




Router > Powerline > English Electric 8Switch > Bartok


This made an audible difference. If you get something like an 8Switch or similar audiophile switch from the UK, then test it out and if you cant hear a decent improvement in SQ, just send it back again.


My next experiment will be inserting an Uptone EtherREGEN into my network and if that is another decent SQ improvement I will swap out the SMPS to a decent LPSU.


You may want to consider going straight to something like the EtherREGEN and miss out the 8Switch, for example.



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By far, the biggest upgrade you can get with the least amount of fuss is to buy an EtherREGEN along with it in the air power supply. You wont to regret it.

And then, add the cheap Chinese clock everybody’s talking about.

Mac Mini Late 2014 (16G/SSD) w Uptone JS-2 w OWC Thunderbay 4 Mini RAID (JS-2) / Roon

Aqua LinQ w EtherCon cable (Ghent) w Uptone EtherRegen w Uptone JS-2

Aqua Formula xHD w Ocellia RCA Interconnect & Shunyata Delta NR

Kora TB 200 Integrated Amplifier w Audio Art Power Cable

Magico V2 w Ocellia speaker cables w Shunyata Dark Field Elevator & JL Audio E-Sub e110 X 2

All equipment, including subwoofer on Modulum platforms (modulumaudio.com)

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