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MHDT Pagoda vs Denafrips Pontus vs BorderPatrol SE-i vs Audio Mirror TUBADOUR III

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Hello all! My first post here on these forums. :)
My system today consists of an Audio Analogue AACento amplifier connected with Audience cables to a pair of Atohm GT2-HD speakers. 
Here in Sweden Atohm is a fairly unknown brand.
My DAC today is a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+. Even though I like it I find myself curious to try out something else, R2R or something with tubes. Or both.

Do anyone of you have any insight of the various DACs in my headline?

Best regards Johan

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 I too am a new owner of  the AM Tubadour 3. I owned a Denafrips Ares 2 prior and sold it after two weeks.

I had wanted an R2R with tubes but tried to cheap out with the Ares. Too harsh for me. Very detailed though.

Good Bass. So my question now is 

-Upgrade the AM to the SE for about + $700


-Try the Pontus. Currently 30-45 days out. $1700


I think I will do the upgrade with Vlad.


Reason is the AM's open, organic sound. Also it makes my big speakers disappear.

I prefer the musicality aspect over the detail.

Jeff DAC review 2-21.docx

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