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MHDT Pagoda vs Denafrips Pontus vs BorderPatrol SE-i vs Audio Mirror TUBADOUR III

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 I too am a new owner of  the AM Tubadour 3. I owned a Denafrips Ares 2 prior and sold it after two weeks.

I had wanted an R2R with tubes but tried to cheap out with the Ares. Too harsh for me. Very detailed though.

Good Bass. So my question now is 

-Upgrade the AM to the SE for about + $700


-Try the Pontus. Currently 30-45 days out. $1700


I think I will do the upgrade with Vlad.


Reason is the AM's open, organic sound. Also it makes my big speakers disappear.

I prefer the musicality aspect over the detail.

Jeff DAC review 2-21.docx

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C&H, There was a sugar once that went by that moniker.

You have a well developed skill in writing. Much better than

most reviewers I follow. 


I have yet to hear a Pontus but everything I have heard

about it matches your conclusion. An improved Ares.


The Chord just doesn't cut it by comparison.


I would enjoy comparing the Doge 7, Pagoda MDHT  and Pontus 

to what I have now. 


Okay then someone with funds to spare- Buy them all and lets organize

a listening session!


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