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How to play my iPod library on my integrated DAC ?

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Greetings everyone,


I have very few knowledge in hifi and digital hifi. Which I have acquired in great part from this forum ; thank you all for that.


I would like to play my MP3 and ALAC files from my iPod (and iPad) directly on my DAC (which will be replaced soon). I don't want the cheap DAC of the iStuff to process the data and I don't want to stream it through my ISP router. Being quite happy with the iOS Music App, I'd like to control everything with it. Here are my questions :

- Is there an "Airplay / Wifi / anything" key to do that ?

- Is there an integrated "Audio AirplayPlay receiver / DAC / Ampli" all-in-one quality box ?


Thanks in advance for any answer and thoughts.



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