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TV Speakers recommendation

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I started saving a little bit to get a nice HiFI system for my TV to replace a soundbar and currently have 2 options in mind. Need help from knowing people :)
I'm planning to make a purchase mid May, so there's still plenty of time to research.

1)Active speakers:  KEF LS50 Wireless II ~ $2500
Pros- All-in-one system, less cables.

          Beautiful design
          Sound quality (I heard the first version tho)

Cons - Price
            Quality control (Read a lot of negative reviews about KEF as a company)
2) Amp+passive pair. Bluesound Powernode 2i ($800-$900) + Acoustic Energy AE500 ($1400)
Pros - Versatility (Easier to upgrade or swap speakers or amp)
           Quality (Used AE products for years with no problem, love their products)
           Price (Cheaper than KEF's)

Cons - Gotta blind buy this :/
            More cables

I'm open to recommendations for speakers, not opposed to get used ones (Something from Dynaudio, Focal or Buchardt?)

Thank you.

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I've always gone separates, AV receiver and speakers.


For the last 10 years, into my second Onkyo, and highly recommend.  With passive speakers, so many options.


I currently use Def Tech speakers, with powered subs built-in to fronts, and that was a mistake. One of the amps developed a problem and still have not been able to get it fixed or replaced.  I wouldn't do built-in subs ever again.


Good luck in your search 👍

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A/V Receiver: 

Pro: HDMI ARC...one remote to control all...including volume

Con: Can sound less than ideal


Powered/Active Speaker:

Pro: Using TOSLINK can sound pretty good for a TV source

Con: Separate volume remote...aftermarket controller?


Bluesound: I have no knowledge/experience but I would imagine it would sound better than an A/V Receiver.



I have a Marantz A/V and it sounds "meh".  Better than the TV amp but not as good as an old (1990) Yamaha receiver that bit the dust.  Its great redeeming value is the HDMI-ARC connection.  My brother has big Marantz A/Vs connected to mid-range and higher end B&W speakers...I am not impressed.


I have a pair of Edifier active speakers that sound as good or better at much less cost.



A/V...go Denon

Bluesound is probably better sounding than the Denon.

I would get a nice pair of Actives and call it a day...KEF, AirPulse, etc..

QNAP TS453Pro w/QLMS->Netgear Switch->Netgear R7800 Router->Ethernet (50 ft)->Netgear switch->SBT->iFi xDSD->Linn Majik-IL (preamp)->Linn 2250->Linn Keilidh; Control Points: Squeeze Commander (DroidX) & iPeng (iPad Air); Also: Rega P3-24 w/ DV 10x5; OPPO 103; PC Playback: Foobar2000 & JRiver; Portable: Sony NWZ_ZX1 & ZX2 w/ PHA-3; SMSL IQ, Fiio Q5, iFi Nano iDSD BL; Garage: Edifier S1000DB Active Speakers  Wish List: New DAC,  SBT replacement; Dream system: Linn EXACT or ATC Active or Big Tubes (KR or Nagra or Shindo or ...)


My goal is to use appliances and take home PC out of the chain...

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Its a bit frustrating... most gear for AV is decidedly "midfi" in sound. My marantz AVR works without hitch but is sooo boring to listen to.  Brands I trust in that

price range are few, might want to consider a NAD AVR plus Elac speakers. Definitely don't buy the KEF system for a surround sound solution, its a 2 channel

solution that won't convince on the bass in action movies, more suitable to someone who wants to be neighbor friendly in an apartment complex.








Audio system

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I use a 2 channel system in my living room mostly for streaming music but my monitor is a non smart LG TV 36' length/42" diagonal and use the optical out to Schiit Yggdrasil GS and Ragnarok 2

out to a pair of Legacy Audio Studio HD monitors and apple TV gen2 and the sound quality is excellent for movies&sports. In my family room have new Sony Android 65" TV with new Sony AV receiver New Apple tv gen4 to 5 speaker surround made by Henry Kloss's old company Cambridge SoundWorks Ensemble-- you can find CambridgeSoundworks on EBay (and other sites)for next to nothing and they are extremely well built and mine are almost 30 years old and in some instances not even opened ! I still my CSW towers and would be happy to ship them--you just pay the freight with a powered subwoofer and center speaker. Another choice are S-300 CSW satellites but I am not giving them up.

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