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Powering a Nuc with 12V

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11 minutes ago, Abolive said:

Hi @guiltyboxswapper,

Thank you for your reply. I thought there was a stronger A if one would lower V. It would have an impact on SQ?


Unless your running something very heavy (HQplayer at DSD 512 rates) the general power consumption easily stays under 36w (12v * 3a) no problem.  


I think the built in DC-DC converter prefers 19v (hence sounds better) but it'll function fine and sound good with 12v too.

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If you disable Turbo mode in BIOS you can run your NUC on 3A. With an 8i7BEH I was able to use a Superfarad3 to power it, if Turbo

was enabled, the NUC would not boot.


Any SQ difference you will hear will be  the quality difference that exists between the 2 power supplies. As long as you aren't doing DSD upsampling

your CPU use during playback is minimal, turbo unneeded




Audio system

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