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Bach, WTC Book 2, Prelude and Fugue No. 12 in F Minor, BWV 881 Poll

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10 hours ago, sphinxsix said:




How come audio on the second one doesn't match the video fingering in many places? In fact, audio in the two above are exactly the same. Any special significance?


4 hours ago, Musicophile said:

[...] I'm just somewhat puzzled that you've exclusively selected modern piano recordings. I still think there's a benefit to hearing this as Bach might have played it, e.g.

Checked a bunch of HIP performances on hand and the durations are all over the place. Therefore tempo does varies significantly just like the piano versions. So which is the one would Bach himself have played at? Also, Robert Levin's version in Hänssler Edition Bachakademie is on fortepiano. Is that authentic?






Why BWV 870 all of a sudden? Wouldn't it be like this?




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