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My New Great Room 5.1 Totem Acoustic, REL Subwoofer, PS Audio Stellar Monoblocks System with Exasound s88 7.1 Streaming ROON Ready Ethernet DAC

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You may want to repost your question about HQ Player and Roon in a separate thread.  Your title comes off as a blog, which some may simply pass on vs reading a post that has a question in the title that someone could help you with.  


Nice setup.

Computer setup - Roon/Qobuz - PS Audio P5 Regenerator - HIFI Rose 250A Streamer - Emotiva XPA-2 Harbeth P3ESR XD - Rel  R-528 Sub

Comfy Chair - Schitt Jotunheim - Meze Audio Empyrean w/Mitch Barnett's Accurate Sound FilterSet

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