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Need Help Picking My Next Speakers

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Not really. Just depends.....

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18 hours ago, Cosmic_Error said:



(A) I realize that it would be better for me to actually demo things but unfortunately it is simply impossible for me to demo equipment with spending a large amount of money. That money would be coming directly out of my speaker budget.


(B) My current speakers are a pair of active Adam Audio T5V's and while I like them overall, I hate the hissing I can hear from them constantly (apparently this is just a problem that all active monitors have?), they also are not even close to loud enough for me and finally they lack bass. So I'm looking to try passive speakers this time around. 


(C) That's why I'm trying to figure out the speaker side of things first. The speakers dictate the amp not the other way around, at least from what I've heard.

(A) So maybe you need to look for components you can try before you buy? Otherwise you'll blow your budget many times over!

(B) It could be the Adams are faulty or the hiss is coming up the chain from your phono and because you've got the volume very high. You could try an alternative source to try and troubleshoot this first. This is definitely not normal so IMHO it would be a mistake to rule out actives. You could easily find the issue is exactly the same with your new amp/passives.

(C) I agree that speakers dictate 90% of the SQ. However that's the very reason I made the previous suggestions to help you find a solution without going round in circles.

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Buying used will get you a lot of advantages...a chance to demo as long as you like, and the ability to flip at little expense if things don't work out, double the bang/buck. Just be sure to fully insure the shipment and to buy only from someone with plenty of positive feedback as a seller of audio gear. 


Since demoing at home with be partially dependent on the amp used, either start with something on your short list that errs towards being easier to drive. Alternatively, if you have a friend nearby who'd lend a more powerful amp to demo, that would be a bonus.

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JBL 708P

They pretty much do it all:

Flat frequency response

Decent bass extension

Play loud

Amplification included

Built-in DSP--so you can make them sound anyway you want


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