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Canary Audio C1300

Retail $7900- reduced!! save over 50%
 Model incorporates the sonic virtues of the 2 chassis C1600 into a single chassis unit.

The C1300 is the single chassis version of our highly regarded two chassis preamplifier. It employs an advanced circuitry and high quality components to provide outstanding musical reproduction of your favorite music.

Like our other products, the C1300 is engineered and built to provide a lifetime of musical enjoyment. The circuitry components used in the C1300 are carefully chosen and hand soldered on the military grade epoxy circuit boards.
C1300 Preamplifier Features:

The power supply circuit uses GZ34, 6V6 and 6SL7 as rectifier.

The preamp circuit features the use of two 12AX7 and two 12AU7 tubes for a low noise operation.

Rectifier with choke filtering.

Custom EI power transformer.

Swiss made ELMA selector switches with gold-plated contacts.

Four pairs of single-ended inputs and two pairs of outputs are installed for ease of connectivity.

Input Impedance: 45,000 Ohms min,110,000 Ohms max
Output Impedance: 1,400 Ohms
Maximum Gain: 9 dB
Frequency Response: +/- 1 dB from 5 Hz to 110,000 Hz
Hum and Noise: -80 dB
Maximum Output Voltage before Clipping: 30 Volts
Total Harmonic Distortion: < 0.04%
Power Consumption: 35 Watts (true RMS)
Tube Complement: 2 x 12AU7
2 x 12AX7
1 x 5AR4
1 x 6SL7
1 x 6V6
Dimensions: 18.75" W x 14.25" D x 5.50"H
Net Weight: 35 lbs

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    JM Sound
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    3,650.00 USD
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