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SOtM sMS-200ultra Network Streamer 12V, 75 Ohm Master Clock

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SOtM sMS-200ultra Network Streamer 12V, 75 Ohm Master Clock

Here is a Network Streamer that has turned out to be a Jewel. It sounded so good, I upgraded all of my front end components with SOtM including the latest and greatest of this version and hence this sale. It is available to you now at a highly discounted rate compared to the new units. It has worked flawlessly and it is one of those rare units that has the master clock input just in case you decide to get the holy grail master clock at sometime in the future.
Points to note This sale does not come with a power supply or power cord. I highly recommend a linear power supply.  Input is 12volts The master clock cable impedance is 75ohms
Buyer 3% paypal fee and shipping cost. I will only ship by Fedex ground. UPS/USPS have not been reliable in the past few months and hence this condition. 
I am happy to answer any questions you may have, so please feel free to message and also check out my other listings as I am upgrading my entire system. 
Regards, Jai


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Hello Jai,

i have a general question to a master clock owner. Did you left your masterclock permanently on or switch of after use?

Last week, i got the upgrade from sms-200ultra to neo and clock-inputs for this and tx-bultra, today i got a 10mhz master clock generator (NCTR10MHZ- 10 MHz ocxo master clock generator from china)

I think about the results of long- and short-time-drift (+/-10mhz) by switching of or leaving power on.

thank you!




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