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PS Audio Lan Rover for Sale!

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PS Audio Lan Rover for Sale!

PS Audio Lan Rover 


Ps Audio Lan Rover in mint condition. Original box included. If you stream from a computer or unstable streaming source, the Lan Rover is a must. It does wonders to dramatically improve sound quality.

Eliminate Timing, Noise, Jitter, and Power-Supply Problems from USB Audio and Upgrade Performance Regardless of Distance: PS Audio LANRover Transporter Handles Up to 2x DSD

A groundbreaking product, the two-box PS Audio LANRover transporter solves the persistent problems of USB audio by removing computer-generated pollution and both regenerating and isolating a now-jitter-free signal to achieve previously unattainable sonics. Placed between the computer and your DAC, LANRover regenerates newly formed packets of two-way data that separate the noisy computer or server from your DAC. Timing, noise, jitter, and power-supply voltages from the computer become issues of the past. You'll immediately hear vastly improved spaciousness, wider and deeper soundstages, greater definition, a fuller low end, and fare less glare and distortion. Until you regenerate and isolate USB audio with LANRover, you've no idea just how good your computer-audio system can sound. LANRover is the only audio-specific USB network device on the market – and it's capable of up to 352kHz PCM and 2x DSD. Significantly upgrading the performance of any USB source for any musical signal, regardless of distance, LANRover also offers the freedom to isolate your computer or music server in one room of the home and DAC in another – all without compromise. Plus, setup is easy. LANRover comprises a matched pair: One device placed near the computer, the other near the DAC, and each separated by Ethernet cabling (Cat 5 or 6) or a home router. No additional software or drivers are necessary. LANRover makes computer audio come alive like never before. Music Direct Guaranteed.

100% Galvanic Isolation and Jitter-Free Audio Regeneration for Supreme Sound
Jitter and power-supply noise (and sometimes, data losses) challenge even the most carefully designed DACs to sound their best when connected to USB. Furthermore, USB is a fragile two-way transmission medium with a maximum length of five meters permitted before it becomes unusable. Inserted between the computer's USB output and a DAC's USB input, LANRover provides 100% galvanic isolation while regenerating new jitter-free audio data. The first of the two devices connects to the USB output of the computer or server. Here, timing, noise, jitter, ground, and power supply voltages from the computer are abandoned, and a new individually packetized datastream gets regenerated. Unlike USB audio packets, the new data is in a different format – one that does not suffer USB's shortcomings. Data is regenerated in new form and sent over a Cat 5 cable in the same format as music you might download from a distant server. Once regenerated, data can now travel as near or as far as you need.

The Equivalent of a PS Audio Plant for Digital Audio
LANRover is like the Power Plant of digital audio – cleaning, isolating, regenerating and newly formatting USB musical data, a process that dramatically improves audio performance with any DAC. In addition to improving USB audio, LANRover can physically separate your computer or music server from the sound system. USB audio signals, which rapidly degrade over distance, can now be sent from any room in your home to any other without loss of performance. In fact, LANRover significantly improves performance of any USB source for any musical signal, regardless of distance.

Effortless Installation and the Ability to Change Your Setup
Two cables come supplied, a one-foot Cat 5 and a one-meter USB. The short Cat 5 cable connects the regenerator/transmitter and the receiver together. Installation is simple. If you have a working DAC/computer setup, simply insert the LANRover pair and resume your listening without interruption. LANRover's regenerator/transmitter, which connects to the computer, is also powered by the computer. LANRover's receiver is powered by an included +5V DC supply. Once regenerated, all connection to the computer is gone. If you are currently using a longer USB cable, or would like to locate the computer away from the DAC, but in the same room, simply run a Cat 5 cable of any length (up to 300 feet) between the LANRover's two devices. This allows an easy means of isolating noisy computers from sensitive DACs. If the computer is in another room and you have a wired home network, it is easy to plug the regenerator/transmitter near your computer into the home's network router. LANRover is one of a very few such devices capable of sending high-resolution audio over a home network without issue.
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