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Nothing Personal, but Dave Weckl Jazz

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As a former percussionist, and enjoying some jazz, I find Dave Weckl most entertaining and a favorite over the decades.  I've found some of his recordings, but 'Nothing Personal' I only find on YouTube:


Nothing personal - Mike Stern/Dave Weckl/Tom Kenndy/Ye Huang(黄野) - YouTube


With the exception of Stern's screechy solo work between 6:30-8:30, this piece is great.  Anyone know of a recording anywhere besides YouTube?  Doesn't have to be this exact arrangement.

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Thanks for that.  There are no shortage of recordings under that title, but knowing Michael Brecker's association with fusion jazz, I managed to find the composer, and another version with Stern and Brecker.  But I really prefer Weckl's unique playing to most other jazz drummers:


Dave Weckl en La Escuela de Música y Audio Fernando Sor - Nothing Personal - Bing video

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