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Tell me about BRZHIFI/Studer900 Linear Power Supply board

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I picked up a nice Ultrarendu form a forum member here.

He threw in a BRZHIFI LPS that SGM had included.


I am curious about the BRZHIFI. We sorted out that it was 7V. I checed with my voltage meter and it read at 7v also.

I searched for BRZHIFI on Google and it appears this brand uses a Studer900 board. I opened it up and peeked in the back and

it looks exactly like these boards.




It is running the Ultrarendu right now.

It runs cool.

The Ultrarendu runs cool.

Can't say there is anything to complain about.

Seems to do the job.


Are these LPS boards any good?

I have an Uptone LPS 1.2 I will compare it to I can pull from another device.

I also have a LongDogAudio  LPS coming in I can use also.


Thanks for any info.






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So you are saying it is a copy of the whatever the Studer 900 board is, which I am assuming is a copy of something else.

I have no illusions about this being anything more than the multitude of other low margin priced gear produced in China.

Was just wondering what this basically was. Obviously rebadged by whoever BRZHIFI is.


I would say though, the quality of it appears well beyond $25.


Will swap it out for the LPS 1.2 and the LDA and compare.

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