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Help to make my old MacMini a smooth music server

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Trying to keep it short,


MacMini 2010 with a Core2Duo CPU, 2.4Ghz CPU, mere 4GB RAM and 320GB spinning disk (I know, as soon as I can I will swap for a 500GB SSD), MacOS High Sierra, music server being Audirvana, no services running, just playing music, audio stream through USB to a Beresford Caiman SEG (which is starting to bother me) DAC and then to my vintage stereo system (AR SP9 pre, KT88 push pull power amp, JBL L220 speakers).


Main issues are two, the computer is set not to go to sleep and is connected via HDMI to a TV screen, every next day I have to go to the computer and enable WiFi as it looses settings overnight, so very bothering, I deleted whatever any other wifi network but it still looses connection, will try again with ethernet but when I did try it kept hanging the router, so bothering!


Second issue but not in importance order is glitches during playback, every there and then short pauses with no apparent reason since no other service is running, I guess, again, I might fix it all with an SSD but, so far, Audirvana has the highest priority which is exclusive use of the computer and, still, glitches.


Now I am playing Toto IV and it all goes smooth then all of a sudden, half a second stop, play and again another stop then keeps playing with random glitches, Audirvana has enough cache to play over 1 hour music and still the glitches, actually I can see the lower right corner volume icon to go silent for a split second and then back to normal... wanna try a different player before I throw it all out of the window, any suggestion at fixing HW related issues and a free FLAC player to try?






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28 minutes ago, Giuanniello said:

For instance, 


I am trying VOX (which I don't like at all for several reasons including the subscription and library handling) and no glitches at all...


If VOX works ok, you may have a problem with Audirvana settings. You may want to post settings screenshots in Audirvana thread, probably. On first problem - what hdmi connection from mini to TV set has to do with wifi?

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