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Article: Reality Quest: Power and Digital Audio with the Sean Jacobs DC4 and Sound Application PGI TT-7 (Part 2 of 2)

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Another fantastic write up! @ray-dude

When I upgraded my mains supply last year I used 6awg! Crazy size of cables!! 

Question, when you say back to your electrical panel? Are you coming off that? Or are you taking a supply before It hits your home mains panel? 

After my meter I use Henley block that split one way to home CU & one to my Audio CU. 

Obviously I don’t know how your electrics are setup & regs over the pond, but thought I would mention anyway. 

Looking forward to your next installation “A year with the Extreme” & your own personal learnings & tweaks! 


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On 1/21/2021 at 2:20 PM, MarkusBarkus said:

For folks using high-gauge wire runs from the panel to audio-feed outlets: how are you terminating into the outlets?


Crimp-on terminals? Please don't say you're pig-tailing them. Are you?


Any outlets I recall ever seeing, audiophile or other, max-out at 10 gauge, and even that can be a pain to fasten and get neatly into your gang box (outlet box), though manageable with care.


I have a 12ga. homerun to the panel for audio gear, and 10ga. homerun for network gear. Not sure what I was thinking there, although I have added gear since I pulled the dedicated line a couple of years back, and the network line is new.


I plan to pull another run for the audio gear, so I could do 8ga. instead of 10ga., if I sort out termination at the plug-end. Panel is NP/usual breaker stuff. Thanks!

If you don’t have Jim’s outlet. Use Furutech NCF. I use 6awg to my audio consumer unit, then 10awg from CU to Furutech sockets. I appreciate that’s a drop down in size but my socket are located 200mm away from the CU. Smaller being better. 

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