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Article: Reality Quest: Power and Digital Audio with the Sean Jacobs DC4 and Sound Application PGI TT-7 (Part 1 of 2)

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17 hours ago, ecwl said:

I have often wondered how much of the sonic improvement is due to a switch from SMPS to LPS thus reducing high impedance leakage current coming from the PC


The way I read this , it reads like a switch from SMPS to LPS will result in reduction of leakage current...


But if you ask Mr Leakage @JohnSwenson - this is not a guarantee . 


There are SMPS's with more leakage than LPS and there are LPS with more leakage current than SMPS .


Can't generalise this stuff - can only measure the particular power supply in question.


Important note: I would never criticise or question anyone's subjective impressions here... that's not my style. I'm only talking in the objective domain

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