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Uptone Audio ISO Regen + 2 x USPCB's

For sale is my ISO Regen. Includes:


- original box,

- two (2) USPCB USB A > B adapters (one "standard" version, and one 90-degree angle USB B plug version for vertical placement of the ISO Regen/other USB devices)

- upgraded power supply to the Uptone Audio-branded SMPS instead of the original, older Meanwell SMPS that came with the unit.


The Uptone Audio-branded SMPS is one I have left over from a now dead Ultracap LPS-1, and should be at least a nominal improvement over the Meanwell stock supply. Still, I used the ISO Regen with multiple LPS's, including a LPS-1, a Teradak 30W, a Linear Solution LPS-912, and a Paul Hynes SR4 Turbo, which the ISO Regen scaled to very well and improved which each higher quality LPS it was tried with.


I am only selling because I upgraded to a far, far more expensive SOtM tx-USBUltra Special Edition, and the ISO Regen is just sitting around. Given that the SOtM is literally over five times as expensive, the delta between the two of them is definitely not as big as you would expect, especially when you power the ISO Regen with a very good LPS.


Priced low for a quick sale, but will entertain all offers. Price includes shipping in CONUS. I am the third owner.





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    160.00 USD
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