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Music servers shared info - connecting kef ls50w

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Have had these Kef ls50w   a while with  Cambridge cxc connected to toslink chord cable and upgraded power leads. As already said superb with cd collection.

Bluetooth Aptx plays from my iMac using the remote app on iPhone to control selection to kefs, very good Aptx Betty connection than my Dali ketch.


With an external hardrive connected to the iMac  easy to stream to kefs, I use the neutron music app on my iPad Pro to stream from Mac over SBC.


I can also connect the iPad Pro usb c outlet to kefs pc inlet, with a 4 m lead, high quality music control from arm chair 32 bit with neutron app.



Finally  have bought a Sony tv and use its Airplay to TV from Mac and use toslink out port with Chord lead to kefs toslink. I  use airplay pulling iTunes tv visuals and can use tv remote to change albums /tracks play through to Kefs.

The tv uses android so VLC as a media player app is used if I connect a 1tb  SSD to the tv usb , and then use tv toslink to kefs to play anything from flac to aiff etc as held on SSD. VLC retains the whole library is a small file so quick to load, updates changes if required.


People indicated kef had poor apps or the lack of airplay etc is a failure.

If you have a SSD or a iMac or an iPad Pro or a Smart tv seems to me you need nothing else. Perfection . And the sound is absolutely stunning. A mark 2 kef is now here but ordinal kefs are an absolute bargain. The only thing I haven’t tried to turntable to kefs where I would need a headphone amplifier.

I have slow speed broadband , no fibre here , and standard router. Never had any connection problem even at highest resolution. May be useful info, all very strait forward. 

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