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Future Podcast Guests?

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Hi guys, now that the podcast has officially launched, I’d love to know who you want as guests on the show. Nobody or company is off limits. Please recommend who you’d like to hear. 

The first 6 episodes are done and will come out weekly. 

Thanks guys!



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I agree with all the suggestions above.

I also think it'll be interesting to get

1) John Swenson

2) Rob Watts from Chord Electronics

3) Alon Wolf from Magico

4) Bruno Putzeys



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Someone from the recording industry...


Barry Diament (sp?)? 

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My goal is to use appliances and take home PC out of the chain...

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In the Industry

Jim Winey - Magnepan

Paul McGowan - PS Audio, ask about their DSD recording studio

Sean Oliver - I second this one

Steve Guttenberg - lots of stories


For fun

Joe Rogan - Good luck with this one

Eddie Vedder - I don't know if your ready for this one 😉

Neil Young

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