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Future Podcast Guests?

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19 minutes ago, wwc said:

Nice job on the first two podcasts!  The Sound Quality of the cast is a nice bonus as well!  One suggestion is maybe let your guests go off the deep end a little on the details of their tech.  There are a lot of nerdy people in your audience who would appreciate it.☺️  I, for one, love hearing audio designers talk about the tech-- even if I only understand a fraction of it.  


I also second the request to ask the Roon guys about sound quality at Roon.  It doesn't have to be confrontational!  But it's obviously the central focus of Audiophilia and their are many who are reluctantly leaving Roon for better sq alternatives.  

Thanks for the kind words and feedback. 


My goal with this podcast is to be the HiFi podcast that everyone comes on to talk about their brands, technologies, new products etc... The first time on the show I'm digging into the brands themselves for background and really showing listeners who these companies are. When new products are released, the brands will come back on the show to talk about the new thing, new feature, update etc... It's like how authors do the rounds when they have new books to talk about, manufacturers will come on the show wen they have something to share. In addition, manufacturers have offered to discuss the technical aspects of their technologies. For example, dCS discusses a little bit on next week's episode, but has offered to have their top technical guys on the show to really dig into how thei stuff works. I wanted to avoid that for the first time they are on the show, but will embrace it next time. 

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