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Schiit Bifrost 2 vs. Schiit Modius

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Does anyone have any practical experience with these two DACs?  Clearly there is a sizable price difference, but it is not a non-starter for picking up a Bifrost 2.  For background, I have:

Bluesound Node 2i streamer (built in DAC)

Parasound zPre3 preamp
Schiit Aegir amplifier (single)
Tekton Lore Be speakers

Problem I am trying to solve is that there is a touch of etch and sibilance that seems to be common with Beryllium tweeters that I am hoping to cure with a "softer" source.   I know the Modius gets rave reviews at it's price point, but my research is telling me that the Bifrost will sound smoother due to the multibit vs DS design differences. 

Hoping someone has heard both and can confirm (or deny) what I am thinking.



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