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Big Sur playlist folders and Sonos speakers

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I have not received any success from Sonos support.  I am hoping iTunes folks will have a better understanding of my issue.

I have created playlist folders in the music app.  I have 271 playlist and 52 folders . 


The Sonos app shows a notice that I have to many playlist to import.  The app sees the folders as playlist, including a playlist called library which list all the songs in my library.  Here is an example.  I have a folder called "The Blues", it has five playlists included.  Sonos shows a playlist "The Blues" which includes all the songs from the five playlist.  The Sonos app also shows the five playlist. I would not have to many playlist if Sonos did not count the folders.

I could delete the folders and just have playlist, I know.  But I am to much of an A Tyoe that I need organization.

Any suggestions welcomed.

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A playlist folder is a playlist; if you click it, you see it’s contents. So Sonos counts them. 

I didn’t know that Sonos had a limit on playlists. There are too many limits with Sonos: I can’t load my entire music library because I have more tracks and Sonos supports. In any case, I only use my Sonos devices to stream to from other devices my airplay. I don’t bother to use their crappy app and their library management.

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Year old playbar and sub.  I got at Best Buy so probably very old equipment that sat in their inventory.

Thanks for the link.  The bottom line there is that I have my system set up for surround sound and AirPlay is not supported in that mode.

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