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Poor Allo.com Customer Service on Return

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I am posting this message to see if the Allo Support forum can do something to get Allo.com's attention on processing a returned item that was received by Allo.com. in December  I have not received a refund and Allo has not responded to any of my multiple attempts to contact them. 


I purchased an Allo USBridge Signature in November.  I got the device working but it did not sound very good with my system.  It just was not a a good match with my equipment  I contacted Allo regarding returning the device within a few days of receiving the device.   Allo sent me an email with a pre-paid FEDEX label and other shipping documents.  I packaged up the USBridge and dropped it off at FEDEX.  I checked the FEDEX web site which shows that the returned USBBridge was received by Allo on 12-21-20.


I have sent several emails to the person at Allo that sent me the return label email as well as several messages through the "Contact Us" link on the Allo.com web site over the past two weeks and there have been no responses.  I have double checked the spam filter in my email to make sure that any responses from Allo did not get stuck there


I am very disturbed that I have received no responses from Allo regarding this issue and that I might not get back the money on the device.  Unfortunately, there is not much else that I can do to get this issue resolved.  Any help or suggestions that you might have would be greatly appreciated.





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