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Article: Audiophile Style Podcast: Episode 1 | Roon Labs Interview

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15 minutes ago, ASRMichael said:

You want to hear dirty joke? 

“Jock the coalman”


Hopefully the hard working coal men giving us electricity to power our devices are not offended! 😂😂

I think everyone of them would agree, their job isn't easy or good for their health.


Founder of Audiophile Style

Announcing The Audiophile Style Podcast

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Chris fantastic podcast! Thoroughly enjoyed it! 

If you do another podcast can you ask them about SQ. You know a lot of members here stopped using Roon because of its sound quality, & Taiko now created it’s own (TAS). Or at least as them where sound quality sits as a priority for them. 

Holding onto customer has to be a priority for them! 

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Still very annoying that Roon won't stream to devices of a different protocol type. If you can start it yourself a few seconds apart surely there would be something to group all zones of different streaming protocols ie Chromecast, USB dac, Linn, Raat etc


Also annoying that grouped Chromecasts don't have individual volume control yet you can do it separately via Home when streaming from Roon

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It is nice to give this opportunity to Roon staff to explain how and what they are doing. It is undoubtedly a good application. I just cringe when I hear them speaking of it as a "collector's" dream... It is very far from that ! Two years ago, I stopped using Roon (see here: https://community.roonlabs.com/t/bye-roon-why-i-am-not-renewing-my-subscription/67012), and don't regret it. I just wish there were other alternatives for serious music collectors than something build on AllMusic, which is flawed, and always will be. Roon could be much more ambitious, but they are content in providing a superficial solution. It is a shame.

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If the technology exists to make a transcript of podcasts would it be possible to have transcripts posted?


If not, no worries.



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2 hours ago, The Computer Audiophile said:

Thanks for the screenshot. is anyone else in Canada who can check?

Works for me in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Using macOS Big Sur v11.1, Intel 2017 12" MacBook

And I've listened to the podcast on my iPhone 12 Pro (iOS 14.3) so that works too.

I don't know why it didn't work for @steve21


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