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Chord M Scaler

Asking price includes free shipping to Continental 48 and PayPal fees. Original double box with all original cables and accessories. Works great and in great condition. Bought new in 2019. Will include a Shunyata Venom 14 power cord with C7 connector that fits the M Scaler ($95 when new and an upgrade over the stock power cord).


I also have a separate listing for an OPTO DX Optical Isolation Cable System with Pilot Pro batteries and Ghent DC cables. This is the best cable system you can have between M Scaler and DAC with dual BNC inputs (e.g., Chord TT2 or Chord DAVE). Two optical cables are 1.5 meters each and four BNC cables are .3 meters each. I paid $787 for the OPTO DX system in 2019 and another $200 for two PowerAdd Pilot Pro2 batteries to provide power to the OPTO DX terminals. You will need two DC cables to connect the batteries to the OPTO DX terminals. I paid $150 for two Ghent DC-GAC4 DC cables (.5 meter). I have listed this entire package for $600, but if you buy the M Scaler, I will sell the OPTO DX cable system with batteries and DC cables for an additional $500 (and free shipping and no PayPal fees). 


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