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Aurender lite on iPhone doesn’t work

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Hi I had been using this very handy app for playing music. Unfortunately, until recently it no longer can connect to aurender even key in IP address. Mine is a N10. I suspect it happened after aurender software was updated but not sure.


any help @AriMargolis

Aurender N10, Oppo 103 w Vanity HD card, Dutch&Dutch 8c, Shunyata Denali v2, MiniDSP SHD Studio, Mutec MC3+USB

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Hello @panda123456 please contact your dealer or [email protected] for assistance. If the N10 has an IP address, then the problem most likely has to do with your iPhone's connection to your WiFi network. Please check your WiFi settings on your iPhone. Of course you should also power cycle your Aurender and iPhone if you have not already. That may be all you need to do! We will look out for your email if further assistance is needed. 

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