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Any Exogal Ion Owners Out There?

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I own one and I love it, the Hyperdrive was a big improvement for sure. I was tempted to try a linear PSU but it is going to cost a trillion(no bitcoins here) and would be rather bulky so I just enjoy it as it is. Not the most detailed or with widest soundstage but sure one of the few that make me forget about anything. I bought the combo for the small size but it actually sounds so good that I managed to learn how to use the ultra silly app and it is now the most used system of all. 


A big improvement was the Farad PSU for the Comet. I can't believe this combo does not get the praise it deserves, may be because it is all about the music, not the bling.

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Sorry it took so long. I did much prefer the Farad to the upgraded PSU of the Comet. Just better. Hard to describe without saying things that a very very subjective but if you have both you would choose the Farad. As usual the context of the system is important but for me it was a clear preference. In the past I have chosen less detail for coherency so it is not all about "more details" as we usually assume what "better" is. I am more looking for emotional connection to the music than more details. The Farad had a wide and more importantly deeper stage. 


All in all the combo is fantastic, it is not on the level of my Resolution cantata 3.0 level but not many things are and the system with the Cantata is almost 4 times more expensive. I could live forever with the Comet/Ion if it was not the damn app to control it. 

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