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Neil Young sells out - literally!

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  • Solstice380 changed the title to Neil Young sells out - literally!

It is 50% rights. Not full rights. Neil still gets money from them.

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This is a trend in the music business.  (Dylan, Young and others) There was a recent article listing some of the advantages the artist / songwriter gains by selling at this point in time.  I do not have the article to link, but I think it had to do with taxes and inheritance law.

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You can’t it with you(I wouldn’t term it ‘selling out’ more like preserving the fortune you have made)-more power to him if he gets upfront money to reinvest in his quest for (his) label freedom or research or to give to a foundation or leave a respectable amount to his heirs why give it all to a state or federal Internal Revenue Service.

Here’s an idea for a foundation to give to— The Bears foundation— Owsley Stanley Foundation and help preserve all those great soundboards/tapes from the 60’s and 70’s or even the Grateful Dead vaults, if they have a foundation-but I am sure he and Dylan have already thought of this idea.  

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