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Acoustic Research X-07 / Kef 104/2 Reference



A couple years ago I picked up an AR X-07 receiver for $150 give or take, and a pair of Kef 104/2 Reference speakers for $300 that were recently recoiled. I've tried doing some research just to check them out. There's a decent amount of info on the Kef speakers, but I can't find much about the AR X-07 receiver. 


I would appreciate any info regarding the amp or speakers. Before I bought this set up off my buddy, I thought Pioneer or Yamaha were some of the best... what a fool... So clearly I have a lot to learn. 


I apologize for anything I forgot to mention. Thank you for any help guiding me to better sound quality. 






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Your best resource for what stereo equipment sells for and what it might be worth is a site called HiFi Shark:  https://www.hifishark.com/


The speakers are better than respectable, actually quite good - if they work. 


The Acoustic Research receiver?  Meh.  Nothing special.  You can find the same or better at any pawn shop or used outlet for less than $200, on a good day a lot less.  That actually looks a bit small for something rated at 100W per channel. 


The old rule of thumb for those receivers was that if it was heavy, it had more power.  That meant the size of the heat sinks for the output transistors gave it more weight.  It didn't mean it sounded better, but did mean it could play loud.  


For anything of that age, ask for a live demo or at the very least a 48 hour warranty so you can try it at home to see if it works.  


Oh, by the way - there's nothing wrong with Pioneer or Yamaha when it comes to quality gear.  Both have had high end and budget lines.  





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