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Hello everyone,


I am trying to improve my home network; I'm reading the gazillion posts but there so much information that I would like your advice.

My questions are three-fold:

  1. The network in itself
  2. Power supply priorities
  3. A power supply for the ISP Box/Router


1. For now, could I get your advice regarding the network itself?


My configuration is pretty straight forward for now:


I’ve bought an EtherRegen and plan to use it as follows:


I’ll have to connect non audio devices to the ER as my Modem/Router does not provide enough ports.


Do you think I would gain from adding a switch between my ISP box and the ER?


Would it provide additional gains if I were to go optical between the switch and the ER? If so, is there an affordable switch with good SQ that could avoid me to buy an Optical Module?



Thank your VERY MUCH for your inputs!

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Do you think I would gain from adding a switch between my ISP box and the ER?

Yes, you could buy Edge X SFP router, but configure as a switch. 

ISP/Router>Eth cable>Edge switch>fiber>EtherRegen>DAC


Your other devices connect to router or switch. This way you are adding isolation between router & Etherregen with fiber cable. Also EtherRegen performs best with least devices attached. Then add OM later, making too many bulk changes won’t tell you if it’s a worthy improvement. 

Regarding power supply, add good linear power supply to EtherRegen first. 

Have a look at my profile PDF to see how I’m doing it: 

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