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I Need advice to Listen Good Music

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I am a new junior for this world and I want to listen nice music from music services.

But I do not know what I need to do for this. I need to use headphone which is closed system and I will use my dekstop, but what I need more I do not know, I just has standart laptop.

I can spend about 300$ for all things. and I can buy from global web sites.

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Music Services are subscription based.  You have to pay them on a periodic basis.  There is also free "internet radio" you can find on your computer.  Some services have free options if you don't mind advertisements.  I do not know which services are available in Turkey.  All countries do not have access to all services.


You can plug some headphones into your computer or you can use wireless headphones.   Please research to see if your computer and your headphones will connect properly.


As you progress up from  the $300 range you can look at headphone amplifiers which connect to your computer.  Once again, you must be sure that the items you select all connect and work properly.


Good luck on your musical journey!

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