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How do you think about Qobuz store?

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I’ve been a Sublime subscriber for years now. I’m still on the now defunct subscription of €199 annually which I was able to renew in spite of it not being offered to new subscribers now. So at least so far they have been customer friendly here. 

I hope that they keep this alive for me as long as possible as I’m buying on average 3-4 high res albums per month and the discounts already more than pay for the entire subscription. 

I typically use lossless streaming for discovery and on all albums I consider keepers in my library I want the best possible resolution (within reason). 

I’m still buying downloads for two reasons:


I am still not sure the high res streaming model can survive long term, and by now my local library (thousands of ripped CDs and hundreds of high res downloads) would be sufficient to keep me happy even if all streaming services would go out of business (this has already happened to Qobuz previously). 

Furthermore most artists can’t survive on streaming revenues and the share going to the artist is larger for downloads. 

The other thing I like about Qobuz is that I have access to all my purchases in high res format everywhere without carrying them around, either via the iOS apps or via Audirvana+ on my MacBook. 

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