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Gabriel Gold Reflection V2 XLR interconnect cables

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Gabriel Gold Reflection V2 XLR interconnect cables

For sale:

XLR cables 

Gabriel Gold Reflection V2.

Lightly used, great cables with excellent timbre and vocal and decay of instruments.

The cables are neutral and very fast. 

Condition 10/10 (as new).

Price: 250 EUR+ shipping

Paypal accepted.


From manufacturer:

""The Metallurgical structure of this set of Reflection v2 RCA interconnect is : Hot = 99.99 24K Gold/99.999 Silver Return = 99.99 Pure Soft annealed Silver The blending of these elements are critical in controlling the conductivity, resistance, inductance, capacitance in the design. Internal Geometry has been re-worked and engineered to streamline the flow of electrons. The Reflection V2 offers phenomenal imaging, lifelike breath, startling clarity with a huge natural vibrant soundstage.""'

Read about it at: 






My feedback is 100% positive on both:

eBay (Zeus-the-thunderer) and as Audiobb on Audiogon.

Over 600 transactions combined.

Buyer will also receive photos of packing and shipping the package from Post office.





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