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Digital Audio Denmark AX24

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I had some of the same questions as you a few weeks back and I got in touch with Digital Audio Denmark directly. I have added the communication I had with them regarding their DAD AX24 converter. Hope it helps.




I'm only interested in the 2channel DA converter (192kHz) for my

computer playback system, and I am wondering which kind of cards I

need to attach my PC to connect the ax24. You have mentioned some

cards on your web site, DAD I/O, but it doesn't say what kind of cards

they are. PCI? PCI Express?




I would recommend that you connect via AES/EBU. The AX24 has an AES/EBU DAD I/O module available. For your PC (windows or OSX ??) you also need an AES/EBU card. I assume you want to go all the way to 192 kHz. It you only need 96 kHz, S/PDIF is also an option. Our DAD I/O modules are not related to PCI or PCI express standard since the interface module is used in the AX24 Converter System. Which card you need in your PC depends on the type you have. I would however expect that PCI express would be most relevant. Various card are available from other manufacturers. I often recommend the Lynx AES-16 card.




And you assumed right, I want to go all the way to 192kHz (and maybe

even DSD/DXD in the future) and PCI express card is the most relevant

since I have those slots in my PC (windows).

So I guess the Lynx AES-16 is the most relevant for me and my purpose.

If I choose to upgrade later to your DSD/DXD module, will I need to

upgrade to a different PC card as well?

Are there any cards and playback software available that will support




Regarding DXD Mergings Pyramix DAW is the only system that can handle this. This DAW works very fine, and is also available in a native version.


No one else is supporting DXD, but the Lynx card and the DAD AES/EBU module will at some time be able to interface dual wire 354,8 and 384 kHz, using 172,4 and 192 kHz AES format.




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First of all, Chris, thanks for this great site! I am trying to get a Mac-based music server going and this site has given me a lot of answers already. I have been interested in the Alpha DAC, some Weiss options, and the DAD AX24, and especially the AX24 because it combines AD + DA in one box. I want the AD capability to digitize vinyl in hi-rez. So, my question for the moment is whether you have managed to try out the AX24 yet and if so what you think of it for an audiophile computer setup compared to the Alpha and Weiss DACs? Thanks in advance for any input you or anyone else can offer!


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The AX24 is a great unit for AD/DA. We think it's the best A/D out there now for DXD/DSD. We also have the EMM Labs/Meitner converters.

We did the "Jun Fukamachi - At the Steinway" CD for FIM, recording direct-cut vinyl using the AX24 in DXD mode. The turntable was the Rockport Siruis III and 2 different cartridges were used. There are a number of interface modules, but for DXD/DSD, the only modules that work are the MADI and SDIF. We connect the SDIF to the Tascam DV-RA1000HD to use as an outboard converter. Sounds awesome!





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Thanks Bruce. I have read your other posts about that experience and think it is very encouraging.


I have not read the manual yet or the like, but do you think that the AX24 is workable for a computer-literate but not expert audiophile on a Mac system? It would seem that levels and the like are set through software, and I don't have pro tools or such so I assume I would just use the DADMan software with the RS232 interface to the Mac. Is that right? It seems complex to me compared to pushing some buttons and turning knobs, but maybe it is not all that involved.


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The DADMan software will only allow you to change samplerates, I/O configuration and a couple other things. The only levels that it will allow you to do are if you have the mic pre option.


You'll need to change levels in the software you use. The AES/EBU is the most convenient option to get the signal in/out of your computer.






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I was not being precise because it is the mic preamp levels that I was thinking about. I plan to use Pure Vinyl software from Channel D, which allows you to go direct from your cartridge into the A/D so long as you can raise the gain on the signal enough using a mic preamp or other method. The software applies the RIAA curves in the digital realm so as to take out other variables and potential "errors" when doing the A/D on the other side of a standard phono stage. It also takes out the sound of the phono stage, and since I quite like mine I intend to compare and contrast the digital method with doing the A/D after the phono stage.


I was just wondering about using the software to set the levels from record to record when using the AX24 with the mic preamp option, and ultimately my question is whether a non-pro audio guy like myself would be comfortable using that type of system. Thanks for your patience.


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I think I caught you when you were busy upgrading the site and doing other things, Chris, but I am still curious whether you ended up having any experience with the AX24 whether in your system or at your friend's. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


In other news, I am hoping to see Amarra in action because I happen to live near their offices! Thanks again for this great resource that already has given me exposure to some great options for computer audio upgrades!


Cheers, Al


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