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EVS Modded OPPO SONICA Dac/Streamer SOLD

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EVS Modded OPPO SONICA Dac/Streamer SOLD

Am selling my EVS modded OPPO Sonica Dac that I have had the last few months.
It is an extraordinary flagship ESS Sabre 9038Pro based Dac with the ability to also stream audio without external devices.
I used it with Jriver with great success streaming all audio formats including DSD.
All specs listed here:

The modifications were done by well known audio engineer Ric Schulz (EVS Audio).
Retail on unit was $800. The mods were $800. This is the Single Ended version.
They are listed here in this link.
I am second owner.

Unit is in 9/10 cosmetic condition. There is tiny paint finish bare spot on upper left corner.
Unit works perfectly and comes with optional OPPO remote which comes in handy.

It also can use an Android phone app to control it, but that is a little finicky to be honest.

I compared it side by side to my well regarded OPPO 105 unit and it is better in all respects by a fair margin.
Very detailed, great extension, large sound stage in my setup.


Asking $895 OBO including shipping and fees via PayPal.
Will be hard pressed to find a unit that does all of these functions and sounds this good at this price.

Actually compares very favorably to a PS Audio DirectStream I am using now.


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