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Streaming to Audiolab 8000a

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Evening all


I've given up my AVR kit and gone back to basic 2 channel audio. 


I have a HP Gen 8 that I was planning on repurposing as an audio source for the new 8000a and use Jriver.


Question is whether to upgrade the dac to a Topping E30 or use the Audiolab Dac for now and get a more meaningful dac in a few years? 



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A new 8000A? The 8000A is an old integrated amp, no DAC included. Perhaps you mean the Audiolab 6000A? If so, I expect the Audiolab DAC would beat the Topping E30.


I don't have a direct comparison, but I used the Audiolab 8200CD as my main DAC for several years and still use it in my headphone system. It sounded almost identical to the Benchmark DAC3 L that I trialled for a couple of weeks, so I sent the Benchmark back.


I bought a Topping D50S for my headphone system and sent it back because it sounded worse than the other inexpensive DAC's I have in-house, from Korg, Schiit and XtremPro. Don't be fooled by measurements, they do not equate to sound quality.

“To doubt everything or to believe everything are two equally convenient solutions; both dispense with the necessity for reflection.” 
Bertrand Russell 

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