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Empirical Audio Overdrive

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Empirical Audio Overdrive

For sale is my Empirical Audio Overdrive. 


It is in perfect condition, no scratches,dents or marks. 

This is the original Overdrive, with a slow blowing fan . It has been sent back to Steve Nugent for modding with his latest improvements. It has the dual turboclock (incl Hynes regs), Usb Hynes regulator, new 24/192 async Usb interface, DA Hynes regs, CuTF V-caps and lots of other upgrades. Costs were 1800 $. 


1800 Dollar is my price. Shipment from Holland


Inputs are ; USB, I2S (empiricalAudio standard), SPdif 

Outputs; RCA (2.3 Vmrs) XLR (4.6 Vmrs). The Overdrive is designed to drive a amplifier directly. 

Included are the user manual, and the 3 smps. which are high quality Cincon devices. 2 of them are high output. 

Empirical Audio has its own forum on Audiocircle. There are lots of professional and users reviews on the net, Google is your friend here. You will be surprised by the giant-killing qualities of this dac. 

Obviously Steve Nugent has not stopped to improve the Overdrive where he could. This version has all the most important upgrades, but you allways can contact him for further improvements. 


Some information from the user manual; 

  Technology /design 
The overdrive dac incorporates our excellent Usb interface technology and breaks new ground for D/A converter technology. The Overdrive   design philosophy is "less is more" with one of the simplest analog paths ever devised. The Overdrive provides solutions for the three most   important issues with digital sources; 

     - Jitter
     - D/A noise/distortion
     - Volume control noise/distortion

This high-performance triple solution is unprecedented and delivers a totally new sound quality level. The Overdrive is a non-upsampling dac (no ASRC) that has an ultra simple analog signal plath, reducing background noise and harmonic distortion to unprecedented levels. It incorporates a preamp function that never has been tried in ANY audio product before. This preamp adds no devices whatsoever to the signal path, leaving it simple and ultra low-noise. It has selectable digital filters that allow one to tailor the sound to your personal taste. You can effectively eliminate them if you want.

The sound of the Overdrive is simply indiscribable and utterly magical. The clarity is unlike anything you have heard before, particularly driving amps directly. Other dacs sound muddy in comparison. The bass is tight and the detail and imaging is more than first rate, it`s breathtaking. Drums are rendered with more realism than any other dac is capable of. The leading and trailing edges and harmonics of percussion, strings and woodwinds are delivered with true realism. Even with this level of details and dynamics, it still gets vocals right. The overdrive USB dac resets the bar for the term `accuracy` in digital to analog conversion. 
The performance of the overdrive Dac is a result of several innovative design breakthroughs.
   1. Low jitter USB interface module
   2. Ultra simple pure class A analog path
   3. DA volume control
   4. Ultra-lineair output stage
   5. Fully balanced analog path


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