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Article: The Best Version Of ... Nick Drake's Bryter Layter


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Now if only I could find a digital version of the very first Stiv Bator's - Disconnected LP and the rest of his work with Lords of the New Church, well, that is heaven.


Thanks for this on another LP to listen to.👍

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12 minutes ago, JoshM said:

Thank you for the kind words everyone! I just updated the article to fix a few typos and grammatical errors that I missed in my submitted draft. (Many were caught by my lovely wife, who's a much better writer than me.)


@Jud, @The Computer Audiophile, and @Superdad, I completely agree with you about Martyn. My interview with Wood was much longer than printed here. We got into his whole career, including his work with Martyn and Fairport, among others. Part of that will go towards an Interview Series entry (which I hope to have ready soon), and part of it will go towards future TBVOs, including one on Solid Air (one of my all-time favorite albums).


@Superdad, I'd definitely like to do one or more Crimson and Tull albums. I'm a big prog fan. I suspect the thorough Steven Wilson reissues will remove some of the suspense, in terms of which version is best. But they'll still be worth a TBVO for recording history. I'm also a big Nina fan, too. (Her cover of "My Sweet Lord" on Emergency Ward is one of the most transcendent performances I've ever heard.)


I'm very jealous that you saw Martyn live at his peak, @Jud. Apparently he self-released Live at Leeds and signed most of the original pressings. I've always been on the lookout for one of those to turn up on Discogs, but I haven't come across one yet.


That book by Gabrielle that you mention @blue2 is a must-have for Drake fans. It's a really lavish product. For space reasons, I've leaned towards Ebooks lately, but Remembered for a While is one of those books that having a hard copy is a must.

Your wife catches grammatical errors that I not only missed, I had no clue they were errors. Way smarter than me. 

I didn’t know you were a a big John Martyn fan. Solid Air is a gem. 

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I am a big lover of Drake's music although Bryter isn't my favourite album; I prefer his other two more pain-full recordings.


Since I don't listen or enjoy listening with headphones, is the Nunn/Wood stil the best mastering/version for a speaker-listener?

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Superb article, entertaining & insightful. I've been listening to Drake for a few years now via online downloads & I never knew the backstory involving the recording & different mastered versions of the album's. I'd love to hear him on vinyl though. Drake was a master musician/storyteller & his work is mesmerizing & timeless. The tragic paradox of his life fascinates me & his music continues to inspire.



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Hey Josh, thanks so much for so thoughtfully sharing your expertise. What a pleasurable read. Any recommendations on the best versions, digital, of Drakes other two albums?

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