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Keces Uptone Audio LPS and More

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Keces Uptone Audio LPS and More

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I am selling my inventory of digital supplies in an effort to streamline my digital life!   I have the following LPS for sale:


Uptone LPS 1.2 - $300 (Sold)


Teddy Pardot 7v 2A LPS - $300 - (Sold)

Keces P3 LPS - $300  Keces P3 5V/7V/9V 3a + 12V/15V/16V 3a  (Sold )

Keces P8 LPS - $450. 9v/12v 4a + 12v/15v 4a with USB Output 5v 1a (Sold)

And the following assortment of other digital goodness:


Sonic Transporter i5 Gen1 Roon Core  - $400


SOtM TX-USBUltra Special Edition - $1100 This is the Special Edition only available through Crux Audio for nearly $1500 retail.


Ayre QB-9 Twenty $2150. - unit upgraded by Ayre in January of 2020.


Lumin U1 Mini with Sbooster power supply mod included -$1750 (Sold)


Uptone Audio EtherRegen - $525 (Sold)


Photos available on request   I have original boxes for almost all items.  They are in perfect working order and i'm sure you will enjoy any items you select!


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