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Excellent interview Jason!  Dr. Earl Geddes is such a pioneer in the audio industry, but yet he is so grounded & willing to share his knowledge. I have enjoyed seeing him post on several different forums at times. I truly regret never having owned his speakers. I have applied his multi sub approach with very good results.


In the interview, one fascinating point: He recommended a 2 channel audio system budget of electronics 10-15%, Room 15- 20%, & Speakers 65- 75%!


Fyi.. I looked into the DIYAudio Czech poster Marcel that he was so impressed with re: acoustic waveguides... he is "mabat" on DIYAudio-



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Great job, Jason. I am contemplating using Duke's Swarm, a Geddes-inspired multi-sub setup, in my new audio room build. Earl has always been at the leading edge.

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