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The Memory Player by Laufer Technic


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I was wondering if anyone else is using this server (some with DAC).  I have been using it for a couple of years now. I have the internal DAC and now a true dual balanced analog volume control to run direct to my Vandersteen mono blocks that drive Vandersteen Quatro CT's.  A close friend, Matt Clott writes for The Absolute Sound and did the review on the top Innuos server and has heard the Taiko (former Green Machine I believe it was called).  Matt feels its the best server he's ever heard and purchased one.  I too feel it's the best server I've had in my system to play with and it's not close for my ears.  


They are upgrading the chassis to a two box unit that will be milled out of solid blocks of aluminum.  I can't wait.  You can upgrade with whatever caps you want etc...  Lot's of great small digital companies out here.  I used to own an Empirical Audio DAC that was fully tricked out and it was a GREAT DAC.  I'm hoping the internal DAC in my Memory Player will sound amazing as it's been totally redesigned.  I'll get the unit next week.  


Just curious who's heard TMP and if anyone else owns one.  

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Just received a Memory Player mini NUC version (no internal DAC) from Sam and have been amazed at what it has added to my system. This is without adding clean LPS power or a fanless case. Not sure I see the need. Very impressed across the board, with even more added detail yet deeply relaxing and enjoyable to listen to - has already replaced my Antipodes DXe...

Topaz 2.5Kva Isolation Transformer > EtherRegen switch powered by Paul Hynes SR4 LPS >MacBook Pro 2013 > EC Designs PowerDac SX > TNT UBYTE-2 Speaker cables > Omega Super Alnico Monitors > 2x Rel T Zero Subwoofers. 

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