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How to recover "Playlists" on iPeng 9 - HELP..!



Greetings streaming community.


I just returned home this afternoon, and went to my iPad Pro 12.9", and saw all of my custom "Playlists" on my iPeng app (v9, I believe) are missing (i.e., gone!).  I use iPeng to drive the playback on my Innuos Zenith mk3.  I have emailed iPeng in Germany, but I though this group may have some insight/recommendations on how to recover my playlists.  


Note:  I just upgraded my InnuOS firmware to 1.4.6 last night.  Is that the culprit.


In summary:  how do I recover my Playlist?


Thank you!


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UPDATE:  I emailed iPeng about my "lost" Playlists, and received a very nice reply from Joerg (at iPeng), who explained to me that my Playlists are *not* actually stored within the iPeng app, but, they are actually saved in my Innuos Zenith server.  He suggested if they are "lost", then it sounds like my server cannot find/locate them.  This issue must have occurred when I upgraded my InnuOS firmware the night before.


In the meantime, I have been able to recreate 95% of my Playlists with no problem.  I did lose 1 custom playlist, however, that will be impossible to duplicate.  I'll get by ; - )


(My iPeng version = v9.7.4)


Thank you!



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