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popping/clicking sound when upsampling???

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For the past 4 to 5 months on my OPPO UDP205, at least that I've been noticing, whenever I upsample files, especially up to 768khz, there is a popping/clicking/skipping sound (like a static pop on a record) that appears. I ignored it for a while until now where it's actually affecting the listening experience. I've been always upsampling with no prior issues, at least that I can remember. I've tried it with JRiver, Roon, other players, I tried it on a new computer, bypassed audiophile USB Matrix Audio Element H card, reinstalled windows, tried Audiophile Optimizer, tried Fidelizer, another laptop, from my phone, reset drivers, tried every setting recommended on windows and players, and still persists, on both analog outputs. The only constant that I can see is the Oppo. Has anyone experienced any issues with this before? with a resolution? Any insight would help.

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Could the laser assembly on the Oppo be having trouble reading discs? From age, or dirt? I say this, because I use an ordinary quality DVD player as a CD transport, and it's ancient - so the reading assembly is not brilliant ... and it shows exactly the same symptoms as you mention. The popping is the error correction circuitry unsuccessfully trying to compensate - and it varies per disc, amount of usage, etc, etc.


I know you say it's the upsampling, but there still could be some connection between that and the reading ... I tried cleaning the lens, but it hasn't really made it much better.


Just a thought.

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