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Doge 7 tube DAC

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Anyone here using or have heard the Doge 7 tube DAC? I'm very interested in it after watching the review of Jay (The next best thing studio). 


I was set on getting the Denafrips Venus II but after viewing his review, i am now on the fence whether i should get the Doge 7 or the Venus II. Jay gave the Doge 7 "the best DAC award last month along with the Pontus" and yesterday on their yearly awards, he gave the "Best price no object - component award of the year" to Doge 7 tube DAC and take note, among its competitors were the Denafrips Pontus and Terminator+. 


I'm really intrigued if i should get the Doge 7 due to this.


My system:

B&W  805D3

Primaluna EVO400 tube preamp (soon)

Primaluna EVO400 tube poweramp - 2x 70w (soon)

streamer - either lumin u1 mini or OpticalRendu (soon)

small bedroom setup (18 sqm/193 sqft)

music i listen to = jazz/classical/soft relaxing music.  I don't listen to rock, electronic, loud, disco music.


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