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Ansuz Rezonator announced

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Thanks but I will pass as that is $2,000 more than I paid for my entire audio / video / computer system.


I am curious what makes this worth $5,600, see picture. 


I have dementia. I save all my posts in a text file I call Forums.  I do a search in that file to find out what I said or did in the past.


I still love music.



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On 12/19/2020 at 8:07 AM, sphinxsix said:

it's 'pure glass-blasted titanium with a finish of an acoustically optimized coating of zirconium, tungsten, and aluminum titanium nitride'


People in Japan know Zirconium, especially its reduction-oxidation chemical reaction, when pressure vessel temperature exceeds 2800 ℃, Zirconium coating of Uranium pellets is oxidized with water vapor and it produces Hydrogen molecules, it leads to hydrogen explosion 🙂


Zr + 2H₂O → ZrO₂ + 2H₂

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On 12/18/2020 at 11:32 AM, daverich4 said:

I assume everyone wants the best sound and will purchase the Supreme. Only $5,600. 



Is that to go on top of their $14,000 Ethernet switch—the one with a $20 Mean Well SMPS module and a $1 clock crystal? x-D


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On 12/21/2020 at 8:09 AM, Superdad said:

Is that to go on top of their $14,000 Ethernet switch—the one with a $20 Mean Well SMPS module and a $1 clock crystal? 


C'mon Alex. As a businessman, you know that a company has to keep costs down in order to make a profit. 😀

"Relax, it's only hi-fi. There's never been a hi-fi emergency." - Roy Hall

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." - William Bruce Cameron


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