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Amp / streamer advice

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4 hours ago, Lightwave said:

I like the Hegel line of integrated amp. I’ll be getting one soon. It has built in streamer and DAC. I don’t remember if it supports TIDAL directly. Its built in DAC is very high SQ for its money. 


It really depends on what speakers you are going to pair the amp with but Hegel is pretty much good with any speakers.

Last time I checked it doesn't play Tidal gapless. 

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2 hours ago, btlancaster24 said:

Since I made this thread I've actually been auditioning a Peachtree Audio Nova150 w/ a Bluesound Node 2i.  However, I'm quite disappointed with the lack of bass / bottom end from the Peachtree streaming TIDAL w/ my Klipsch KG2's.  I have the Node connected to the Peachtree w/ an Audioquest Cinnamon Digital Coax so it bypasses the DAC in the Node and uses the Sabre DAC in the Peachtree.  I know that my speakers can do much more than what I've been hearing with this set up.  The receiver that was purchased with these speakers is a Denon DRA-25 and this combo sounded great together 35yrs ago listening to CD's.  Although, the Denon has some issues with the right channel and some distortion.  So, now that the Peachtree has not performed as well as I thought it would.. (having the Sabre DAC) I'm wondering which direction to take.  The other receivers I've been considering are the Marantz PM-8006 paired with a Matrix Audio Element streamer which has a Sabre DAC or picking up a used Denon DRA-25 off eBay and also pairing it with a Matrix Audio Element streamer.  But, now that you've recommended the NAD C368 .. I'm curious to know how close it would get me to my original goal of replicating the sound I get from my desktop set up.  And also would like to know your thoughts on the Peachtree Nova150.  As well as my other ideas with the Marantz PM-8006 or a used Denon DRA-25.  Note: I do not listen to classical, jazz or any symphony.  Also, I prefer WiFi streaming vs. Bluetooth.  Please let me know what you think.  Thanks!

Try the AQ Black into the Peachtree, if no improvement you need a new amp.

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14 hours ago, btlancaster24 said:

How do you recommend connecting the Dragonfly to the Peachtree?  


TIDAL desktop app > iMac (21.5", Late 2013) 3.1 GHz Intel Quad Core i7 - 8GB 1600 MHz DDR3 > macOS Catalina 10.15.7 > 250 Apple Flash Storage / SSD > AQ Dragon Tail 2.0 > AQ Jitterbug > Dragonfly Black 1.07 > Peachtree

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4 hours ago, btlancaster24 said:

I think Tidal supports UPNP/DLNA streaming.  Also, I've checked into the Cambridge and Rotel both being A/B.  The sales guy at Music Direct steered me away from the Cambridge & Rotel then suggested ARCAM SA20 which is Class G.  What is your take on that one?  Thanks again.

Don't forget you need a separate streamer if not included in the amp as per the SA20 or are you planning to use your mac/dragonfly as your source? 

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