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Cambridge CXN V2 + Schiit Magnius + HifiMan HE400S = No sound


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I just bought the streamer and headphone amp listed in the title, and intend to put them in a rack I'm going to build on Saturday.  For now, I'm just trying them out...  Or trying to try them out.  I am getting zero sound here.  See the pics attached; yes, I know that in the one with the balanced cables the amp is switched off.  I promise I tried with it on. :)  I talked to my dad by phone after texting him these pictures, and he recommended connecting another source to the amp and seeing if it works.  I have an old JVC CD player, but found that I misplaced the power cable for it.  I'm looking for something else to attach by RCA cable, but while I chew on that I thought I'd ask here to see if there's anything I might be doing wrong.


I realize that the unbalanced headphone connection largely defeats the balanced XLR cables between streamer and amp.  Again, I'm just getting started here, and figure I'll upgrade later.  The amp also costs a fraction of what the streamer runs, and may be a bottleneck too.  I'm also open to ideas for another amp/pre-amp/external DAC to attach to the CXN.  Before I think about that though, I want to get this setup working.  I'm going to attach a 4 TB HDD via an enclosure, and stream by ethernet once I get everything where I want it (including a wall fish/data relo by cable internet techs on Saturday, so I can set it up where I want it).


Any ideas on what's wrong?  Thanks in advance!

Back balanced.jpg

Back unbalanced.jpg


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